EPI Suite Data - ISIS/Base & SDF

The downloaded files are provided in "zip" format ... the downloaded file must be "un-zipped" with common utility programs such as WinZip

 ... Updated September 15, 2010

Basic Instructions:

(1) Download the zip file
(2) Un-Zip the file

NOTE ... zipped files extract to Folders containing the individual data files ... Folders named EPI_ISIS_Data and EPI_SDF_Data

Substructure Searching Files:

ISISTM/Base & SD Files of the EPI Suite Program Experimental Data Files are now available ... The ISISTM/Base files require the commercial program for use ... The SD Files can be imported into other commercial chemical structure programs (such as ChemFinder).

 ... Click here to download EPI_ISIS_Data.zip ... (about 11 MB)

 ... Click here to download EPI_SDF_Data.zip ... (about 10 MB)

NOTE ... EPI Suite Data Files (some in Excel, Text, Word format) available at: