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1 ID-Identification 0 BIOC-Log Bioconcentration Factor
0 MELT-Melting Point 0 HYDR-Hydrolysis
0 BOIL-Boiling Point 0 OXID-Oxidation & Other Reactions
0 UV-Ultra Violet Absorption 0 PHOT-Photolysis
0 PKA-Log Acid Dissociation Constant 0 MICD-Microbial Degradation
0 LOGP-Log Octanol/Water Partition Coeff. 0 NSYD-Degration in Natural Systems
0 WSOL-Water Solubility 0 ECOS-Ecosystem
1 VP-Vapor Pressure 0 AIRM-Air Monitoring
0 HENL-Henry's Law Constant 0 WATM-Water Monitoring
0 EVAW-Evaporation from Water 0 SOIM-Soil Monitoring
0 SOIA-Soil Adsorption Constant 0 BIOM-Biota Monitoring
0 SCOL-Soil Column Transport 0 FIEL-Field Studies
0 SRF-Soil Thin Layer Chromatography